Archived Soft Launches

Archived: Bancone, Covent Garden

50% off food between Monday 18 to Saturday 23 June

Fresh pasta seems to be having a bit of a moment on the London food scene (we blame Padella), and we couldn't be happier about this. Who doesn't love 10 hour slow cooked ragu or yellow yolky ravioli? You can find the latest and greatest homemade pasta in a new spot opening in Covent Garden, by Louis Korovilas who trained at Locanda Locatelli and Pied a Terre. There will also be non-pasta dishes too - like Wye Valley asparagus and mixed pulses, grains and confit egg yolk. We still think that the braised duck ravioli del plin with duck broth sounds like the most exciting thing. Ever.

39 William IV Street