Archived Soft Launches

Archived: Lucknow 49, Mayfair

Beef galawati kawabs for the equivalent of 100 Rupees (around £1) on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd April at 12pm (lunchtime)

The beef galawati kawabs are a traditional Lucknow-style wrap made with minced beef and over 50 dry spices, and to celebrate the opening of Lucknow 49, they will be available for a steal! Chef Dhruv Mittal (also behind DUM Biryani in Soho) will be serving up a range of authentic curries and biryanis - such as the "sticky lamb" (Taar gosht) a royal speciality of slow cooked spice-marinated lamb leg, along with plenty of pickles and dal.

Lucknow 49

49 Maddox St, W1S 2PQ

020 7491 9191